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Hello everyone! I wanted my first blog entry to be an introduction so you all can learn a little about me! My name is Nicole Green and I am a life long Florida resident. I live here with my husband Lindsay and two beautiful girls Daphne & Lilly.I’m a self proclaimed caffiene addict, lover of wine and food and enjoy lazy days with my family!

A couple of years ago I started sharing outfit posts on my Instagram as a creative outlet.   My love of fashion has been a prominent part of my life since elementary school. As the daughter of a single mom on a limited income, I learned how to shop sales and clearance racks! I want to share my love of cute, budget friendly clothes along with my home decor and parenting moments.

As of about 6 months ago, I have felt the drive to lead a more purpose driven life. I feel stagnant in my career and need a way to feel that I am leaving a positive impact on the world. Through many hours of consideration, I have decided that this is how I am going to start my journey! I hope you enjoy reading about my life as TheStyledMom.


12 thoughts on “Introduction!”

  1. I love it! I often toil with the idea of writing a blog, but I’ve got other areas of my life to work on before I take on anything else. I’ll live through you for now!


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